Hi all,
We are a Pune, India based "no-fee" journal of literature, poetry, and art. Our objective is to offer a platform to emerging and established authors. It’s an opportunity to show-case their work. We plan to publish short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and art. We have just released the"Water Anthology", a crowd sourced collection of short stories, authored by five Pune Wrimo authors. The anthology presents seven stories, based on the water theme.

Do you want your work to be carried here? Watch out for calls for submissions on the Submit page. We are very picky when it comes to hosting work here. Our editors are 'grammer-nazis', 'theme-fanatics', and 'story-obsessed'! We want good, meaningful stories, you want to curl up with, no pretences, that are well-crafted. Just look at their remarks for Paperback Writer, Beatles!



If you want to sound us out, speak to us, or maybe say "how wonderful we are", please visit Contact Us . We like to make friends with people who are funny, ego-less, do not take themselves serioulsy, or do not feel they are the best gift to human-kind.

The Water Antholgy is our first project. We plan to have many more in the coming years. So stay sharp!

Team, ActiveMuse

Announcements !!

Some important Announcements!

  1. Please visit the Submit page to view our announcements for future anthologies and calls for submissions.
  2. Do visit the Opportunities page to see other publications that accept fiction and poetry.


Our Values and Mission:

We place great importance on ethics, originality and treat authors with sincerity, honesty, and respect. We understand that you have spent long hours on your project, and we respect that. If we like your work, or let it go, we hope to remain the best friends!

Managing Editor Speaks:

Image Shashi Kadapa.
"We want to see passion in your work. I mean not 'ooh-ah', but real feelings, and thoughts..".

ImageOur Editors
We have three sharp-shooting editors Savita, Cashmere, and Chaitali who watch hawk-eyed for good stories.

Events, Book Releases

Visit NaNoWrimo to see the latest events..

ImageJaipur Literary Festival
JLF is in Jan 2019. Do visit and let us know if you your work is featured!.

ImageAnuradha Roy
All the lives we never lived. A novel by the Booker Prize shortlisted author...

The Pune International Literary Festival..