2020 Open Call , Poems - Prince Thomas Siñel



Great Dreamer

By Prince Thomas Siñel

What must the child do aside from being kind?
Play with friends and keep himself unwind?
They always say, "Keep this and that in mind".
He has goals for himself to find.


This world, his life he's living,
heain't powerful but a human being
who holds a golden upbringing.
Wishing he could shoot the stars while flying.


Climbing his tree wondering where will it be.
The top-end that he can't see.
From hardship to success would be a reward for him—gee!
But these dreams of him, aren't they for free?


He wants to climb on it faster--
to reach the highest and see it brighter.
The sun rays will face and he'll be better.
He may be little but he won't surrender!


He's affected by poverty.
It must not drag him down with certainty.
'Cause he's a kid living in eternity.
He paints a smile, this is his sanity.


Heart contains a burning desire.
Inside him, a choir playing a lyre.
That sounds like hope though walking on a wire.
On top of his tree branch, feeling the energy's fire!


Prince Thomas Siñel is a Filipino creative writer residing in Manila, Philippines. He is a scholar and currently taking up Language and Literature Studies


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