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25. Open 2021, Short Story Collection

Stories that make up the Open 2021 collection are listed below. Authors, their nationality, and their works are listed. Click the links to enjoy their works. Thanks to our Fiction Editor Savita Narayan and Managing Editor Shashi Kadapa who edit and curate the collection.


Sadeq Abbasi, Iran - Firepolis John Zurn, USA - Uriel Fox and the Dharma Lodge Ashram Shirin Kumar, India - God is Dead
Soumya Doralli, India - The Nuances of Spaces Priyamvada Singh, India - Flawed Perspective Henri Colt, USA - My Guardian Angel
Mehreen Ahmed, Australia - Cenote; The Cheese Factory Lanka Bhavishya, India - A Castle of cards Kwaghkule Aondonengen Jacob, Nigeria - Why my Joy ...
Robert Bishop, USA - Desert Night Ginny Hogan, USA - The Sensitivity Reader Steve Carr, US - Meisma Writes Her Memoir
Rrashima Swaarup Verma, India - White Sheets and Jasmine Blooms Kunal Mehra, US - The great conjunctions Jovan Ivančević, Serbia - Holiday
D.R. Garrett, US - Wild Horses Dennis Piszkiewicz, US - Cash Transactions Chantelle Chiwetalu, Nigeria - In the End
Sneha Das, India - A Rainbow of two colours Felicity Goldstein, Australia - From the Water  


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