Shishir (Winter) 2021 Poems - Rekha Balachandran


By Rekha Balachandran


It is easier when you say,
What is it?
When you say it, you mean it,
Maybe it is a feeling,
Which lasts like a raging storm,
Maybe it is like two souls trying to connectto each other,
Like an invisible bond which glues them together,
Maybe it gives butterfly effect kind of a thing,
But the fire should be burning both sides, deep within,
Maybe it is a roller-coaster of emotion,
Where you are ready to take any chance,
To maintain the vow with devotion,
Maybe it is like infinity, which goes on forever,
It is the kind of love worth fighting for


Rekha Balachandran from India is a freelance editor and author. Her first work was a poetry book Musings of a Desert Rose. Her recent work is a pure fiction and fantasy, Samyukta-Tale of a Brave Princess. When she is not writing, she loves cooking and painting


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