Shishir (Winter) 2021 Poems - Sandeep Kumar Mishra


Glowing Ashes of a Suicide
By Sandeep Kumar Mishra


As we played curse of tongues so long,
I go alone on lonely societal roads
after so many accidents in
pathways of daily burdens


They injected “delusion of negation”
in my identity veins, I never had
“flash flood of emotions”,
I want to live even by eating
char-grilled inner self


Now a black hole, I decided to be one with
this constellation of migraine, tablets,
insomnia that had emerged around me


I tied my wife's red “sari”
around my disconnected neck,
a reflection of my smiling daughter
was in the mirrored almirah


Devil instinct drown into the
deep vastness of human frailty against
earthly emotions, an inner tide
hit me down unconscious


How angry I was for not
being among the dead?
That kind of energy I needed
to stay alive and I understood that


An ocean emerges from

the death of the rivers


Sandeep Kumar Mishra from India is a Bestseller author of "One Heart- Many Breaks-2020", An outsider artist, a poet and a lecturer. He is a guest poetry editor at Indian Poetry Review. He has received "Readers Favorite Silver Award-21", "Indian Achievers Award-21",IPR Annual Poetry Award-2020 and Literary Titan Book Award-2020.He was shortlisted for "2021 International Book Awards", "Indies Today Book of the Year Award 2020" and "Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize 2021" and "Oprelle Rise up Poetry Prize 2021".He was also "The Story Mirror Author of the Year" nominee-2019.


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