Varsha (Monsoon) 2021 Poems - Rekha Balachandran


The Mystery
By Rekha Balachandran


He looked normal just like anyone,
No fangs, sharp teeth, or claws,
It appeared killing for him was fun,
The night sky was starless,
Out of nowhere appears a fair maiden,
With not a soul around, she kept walking.


Hiding among the pine trees,
Lurking in the darkness,
Hewas a blood thirsty beast,
She appeared to him as a feast,
Soon he came closer and closer,
Her heartbeat became faster,
She shouted for help, the poor lonely soul,
As her teeth sank into her, she cried in pain,
but everything was in vain.


She was pale and her lips turned blue,
Who would do that to her?
Everyone seemed to have a question,
But someone should solve the equation,
Everything appeared so blur
It remained a mystery,
No one had a clue
Whoever killed her, did not even leave
a lead to pursue.


Rekha from India is a freelance editor and author. Her first book was poetry, Musings of a Desert Rose. Her recent work is a pure fiction and fantasy, Samyukta-Tale of a Brave Princess. When she is not writing, she loves cooking and painting.


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