Vasant 2021 Poems - Sayanti Bhattacharya



By Sayanti Bhattacharya


Silence has always been the norm,
It has been the way of life…
Throughout her childhood, adolescence, youth,
In her journey from daughter to wife…


In the world of male egos,
Where women haveto lose their voice,
Silence is never a virtue,
Silence is never a choice.


So speechless she remained,
For days, months, years…
Silent were her moans of pleasure,
Silent were her tears!


But he wouldn’t even let her have that…
Her silence pricked him like thorn,
He would fill it up and destroy her sanctum,
With abuse, acid, scars and scorn.


Oh all that noise, all that chaos,
He wouldn’t give her any peace of mind…
And now, finally, he understands silence!
And their worlds are finally aligned!


How she wished he would be quiet for once…
But the havoc that he would wreak!
One shot to the chest and it all ended,
Thank god, dead men don’t speak!



Sayanti Bhattacharya from India is writing since many years. She takes inspiration from her experiences, exposure and environment. The theme underlying most of her work revolves around uncovering alternate perspectives on human thoughts and emotions and discovering their journey, from their origin to culmination, from emotions to actions.


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