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26. Vasant 2021, Short Story Collection

Stories that make up the Vasant 2021 collection are listed below. Authors, their nationality, and their works are listed. Click the links to enjoy their works. Thanks to our Fiction Editor Savita Narayan and Managing Editor Shashi Kadapa who edit and curate the collection. More stories will be listed!


Eric Wayne, US - Untraceable Dennis Piszkiewicz, US - Navel Gazing Carolyn R. Russell, US - Full Moon
J. Archer Avary, UK - Trouble on Sugarplum Fairy Court Melissa Jerry-Stoute, Trinidad & Tobago - When The Cock Crows Divyank Jain, India - A Midnight Murder
Jay Shepherd, Canada - Wandering Suzanne C Martinez, US - A Perfect Smile Mark Jabaut, US - The Day John Hardin Killed the Same Man Twice
Steve Carr, US - The secret life of a minnow Anjani George, India - Best Actor Christina Hoag, US - The Escape
Justine Johnston Hemmestad, US - My Beating Heart Eduard Schmidt-Zorner, Ireland - A job to do Marcelo Medone, Argentina - What the River Holds
Ranjit Kulkarni, India - Confession    


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