Open 2022 Poems - Himanshi Chawla


Last Bye of a Leaf

By Himanshi Chawla

Hold me back,
I am going to be separated
From my best friend
Who was there with me!
When my life was full of strong storms,
That could easily sweep me off
When I almost felt incomplete and dead,
Gave me a reason to shine and rise again
When someone could easily harm me,
Its thorns were always there to protect me


But the truth that kills me
Everything and everyone has to go someday
Has to leave their loved ones someday
And today,
It’s my turn
It’s sad, how you aren’t able to stop me
You will bring someone new,
You will again protect someone
You will again help someone to grow
You will again pour yourself into someone else
And One day!
You will again be left behind.


Himanshi Chawla is an Indian born content writer, academic/technical writer, bibliophile and passionate about poems. She belongs to web development background, holds an engineering degree from IP university. She enjoys painting and reading good books. Her favorite genres include self-helps and poetries. She has co-authored various anthologies.


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