Open 2022 Poems - Ivan Peledov


Another Moment

By Ivan Peledov

At the northern end of the meadow
a coyote opens his mouth
but can't catch his silent song.
The shape of the snow denies
idols without tongues,
time without end.
Clouds look for a crack in the afternoon.
If you had wings, you would never
need a voice.



Potted plants love to listen
to the fragile steps of one-legged birds
on the clouds, rooftops, sidewalks, and water.
The laughter of the streetlights in the morning
can't wake up the guardians of local shadows.
Each wave has dozens of secret names,
but the kites, the bridges, the suns are nameless.


Ivan Peledov lives in Colorado. His poems have been published in Artifact Nouveau, Illuminations, Sonic Boom, Eunoia Review, and other magazines. He is the author of the book Habits of Totems (Impspired, 2021).


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