Open 2022 Poems - Rekha Balachandran



By Rekha Balachandran


She asked, Why the clouds are white and grey?
Why the sky is blue?
A child innocence is so true,
I kept answering to all her curiosities,
Even though I was lost in my own thoughts,
Trying to connect the dots,
She asked, Can flowers talk? Can they feel?
Anything is possible, I said,
You just need to believe,
Life is full of mysteries and the stories we weave,
Some might come true as long as we live.


Rekha Balachandran from India is a freelance editor and author. Poetry by author Edgar Allan Poe and Classics by William Shakespeare and Louisa May Alcott are a great inspiration for her to write. Her first work was a poetry book, “Musings of a Desert Rose” and second one, children’s fiction “Samyukta-Tale of a Brave Princess,” including her recent poetry fiction book, “Off the Beaten Track.” When she is not writing, she loves painting. All illustrations in published books are from her journal.


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