Vasant 2022 Poems - Heather Sager


Let the Shards Turn into Flowers

By Heather Sager


I may find it hard to write that letter
I’ve been penning to a loved
one. Yet, I should persist.


The sentences scatter themselves
all over my notebook. The pages
flutter all over
my room. The sunrays paint my face
and the windows.


Trying to capture my feelings
about someone I love so much
causes pangs to scrape my heart
like so many shards. I don’t
have enough confidence in myself.


And maybe I don’t always see the loved one
in a completely fair light. Yet there is good news
trumpeting today in my spirit.
I jump on my bed, scatter the pages.
Today the letter will get done.


The words will be emblazoned in gold colors
and share the best feelings of my heart.
The words shall spread joy to my loved one.


Yes, what happiness! The shards will become
the pink and tissue-thin petals of flowers.



Heather Sager lives in Illinois where she writes poetry and fiction. Her most recent writing appears in The Orchards, Fahmidan Journal, Magma, Red Eft, Version (9), The Bosphorus Review of Books, Shabd Aaweg Review, The Fabulist, Willows Wept, and more.


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