Vasant 2022 Poems - Kishan Chauhan



By Kishan Chauhan


Blare from a distant train— muffled in mist,
squiggles across the field drowned in grist
murmurs of hymns and the carol of starlings,
faint ripples from the rills and a river mingling


Swirls into the highs and sighs of a symphony
and befalls upon the branches of the mahogany,
whereby in quietness, I picture him pondering
this village he so ardently loved, and its spring


Nearby to left a periwinkle so frail falls to soil,
petals in dust, he peers at the sublime and toil
at the stirring disbelief, the end so unforeseen
the collapse of hope, longing into times unseen

Kishan Chauhan from India works as an Editor in a leading news-media company. He is writing poetry and short stories mostly as a hobby, and to sate his creative hunger.


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