Vasant 2022 Poems - Sreekanth Kopuri


A Compromise

By Sreekanth Kopuri


(a letter to my mother)
I ascend the night to
hold the stretched hand of


a hunger where her eyes,
my need half shuts,

blind my conscience’
from the loneliness that


waits for me in your
half mooned eyes that try


to reach those of my father's
in the aging portrait before,


mine search the secrets of
youth in the hunger's here


sneaking a man's room
behind it's naked bosom


it stole for me
the door of which


I shut on your sad face left behind
this jasmine-scented darkness.


Sreekanth Kopuri is an Indian poet, current poetry editor of Kitchen Sink Magazine, Alumni Writer in Residence, Athens and a Professor of English from Machilipatnam, India. He recited his poetry in University of Oxford, John Hopkins University, Heinrich Heine University and many others. His poems appeared in Arkansas Review, Christian Century, A Honest Ulsterman, Chicago Memory House, Heartland Review, Lannang Archives, Tulsa Review, Expanded Field, A New Ulster, The Rational Creature, Nebraska Writers Guild, Poetry Centre San Jose, Underground Writers Association, Athereon Review, Word Fountain, Synaeresis, Wend Poetry, Vayavya, Ann Arbor Review to mention a few. His book Poems of the Void was the winner of Golden Book of the year 2022 & finalist for the Eyelands Books Award Greece, 2019. He is the recipient of Immanuel Kant Award for his collection of poems on Silence 2020. An independent research scholar in Contemporary Poetry, Silence, and Holocaust poetry, he is presently working on his research work “Silence in Contemporary Ecopoetics of Transcendence”.


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