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50. Vasant (2024) Poetry Collection

Poems that make up the Vasant 2024 collection are listed below. Authors, their nationality, and their works are listed. Click the links to enjoy their works. Thanks to our Poetry Editor Chaitali Gawade who edits and curates the poetry collection.


James Croal Jackson, U.S. - Gaia BH1; Pail Kay Kestner, US. - 2 Poems Nikhil Raman, Netherlands - Echoes of ancient spirits
Abigail Ayornu, Ghana - Palm Tree; Transition Sameen Shakya, Nepal - Love Blooms E. Martin Pedersen, Italy - Flower Garden
Alexandra Dark, U.S. - 2 Poems Ken Cathers, Canada - Black Widow Hiram Larew, US - Picture Perfect
Jeffrey Ogochukwu, Nigeria - Against All Odds Mike Jurkovic, US - Tight Sweaters Dennis Williams, Jamaica - Grandma’s Hands
Caleb Delos-Santos, U.S. - Electric Sisyphus Z.D. Cevirgen, Turkey - Cold & Lost Angela Patera, Greece - A Gold Ring With Star-Shaped Rubies
Harry Palacio, U.S. - 2 Poems Zoé Mahfouz, France - You Tricked me La La Land  


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