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Information about the Special Fauji 2019 Issue !


We are glad to announce the Special Fauji 2019 Issue. We invite all Indian serving and veteran defence personnel to send in stories, poems, and art for the Special Fauji Issue. The proposed collection is a small effort on our part to honour the people who place their lives in danger in the line of duty to protect us all.


What is the Special Fauji 2019 Issue: We are inviting and providing an opportunity for Faujis to get their fiction and poetry published. This is a no-fee offer where Faujis can send us their work and we will publish them for free.


1. Our Definition of Fauji: The term 'Fauji' includes all cadets, serving and retired staff of all branches of the Indian armed forces, security forces, the police, their relatives and fans.


2. What we are looking for: We seek stories, narratives of peace, conflict, bravery, wounds, heartbreaks, joy, bereavement, healing, life, hope, intrigue, and everything related directly or indirectly to life in the armed forces.


The submissions can be fiction or narratives of experiences in the field. Kindly do not reveal any confidential or sensitive information.


The submissions must be in English. Authors can get their work translated from other languages into English and must mention the translator's name.


3. Formats: We seek Quicks up to 500 words, Flash up to 1000 words, Short Stories up to 3000 words, Poems u pto 24 lines, and Art. The work must be submitted in MS Word in.doc or .docx formats.


4. Deadline: 31 st October, 2019. The collection will be published in November 2019.


5. How to send: Please upload your document in the Submit Form. For the file name, please use this format: Fauji_your name_title of the work. Therefore, if your name is Ram Bahadur and you want to send a story titled Fight at Doklam, the file name should be Fauji_Ram Bahadur_Fight at Doklam.


We are not a paying market and cannot pay for the works that we accept.


If you have any queries, please send a mail to editors @ activemuse.org


Jai Hind!



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