Shashi Kadapa Publications


Welcome to my publications page. Listed are some of the anthologies where my stories are published. The stories are from diverse genres such as literary fiction, horror, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, literary, musings, among others. Also listed are some academic papers. This list will keep growing.


Bio: Based in Boston, U.S. and Pune, India, Shashi Kadapa is the managing editor of ActiveMuse, a journal of literature. An engineer, MBA, he is the 2021 International Fellow of the International Human Rights Foundation, NY. Thrice nominated for Pushcart Prize, he is a two-time award winner of the IHRAF, NY short story competition. Writing across various genres, his works have appeared or forthcoming in more than 40 print and online U.S., UK anthologies.


My Author page at Kindle: Shashi Author at Kindle

My articles on Hindu Mythology at Metaphysical Times, ID : Vastu Shastra in Hindu Mythology;

Edited and Published Two books for IHRAF, NY, "Narratives on Women’s Issues in India: Domestic Violence Vol 1", and "Narratives on Women’s Issues: Women Power Vol 2."

The International Human Rights Arts Festival, NY, awarded the First Prize for my story "Heaviest Burden that a man carries" and the Second prize for my Short story "Cursed at Birth"

Sweetycat Press Publication carried this satire, humor story Dead Ox Scam

International Authors, MA carried my story "Investigating the death of witches" in their anthology Emanations: When a Planet was a Planet

At Piker Press Cli-fi/ foresticide story King Cobra of the Sahaydri Mountains

Literary Heist published my lit fiction, reminisces It took and old vegetable seller

Oxford Univ, Anthroposphere published my Cli-fi! When the rains stayed away

Lothlorien Poetry Journal published Yazidi - Not a war, but a genocide

The Gray Sisters published my horror- fantasy story Gandabherunda, the two headed Garuda

The Sirens Call publication published my horror- fantasy story "Vatsala The Water Spirit."

Verses of Silence published The Last Mating Call and The Painting.

Nymphs publications. The horror story "The Demoness Shakchunni."

Alien Dimensions published my Sci-fi story Prospector of the Silica Seas

Spadina Literary Review published my story "The Water Drinkers Who Feast."

The Times of India published this on Valentine’s day "A deep bond!"

Academic papers on IT, Biz Management, and Knowledge Management at SSRN.