Shishir (Winter) 2020 Poems - Antoni Ooto


No matter how much rain will fall

By Antoni Ooto

you will get through this
leaning forward recalling spring

nudging a belief in growth and change
favoring a fairness,

like a monk
dropping seeds, seasons a waiting field

all hopes faithfully soak
while keeping that final vow


All the Days

Far and forgotten
promises of long ago

God writes and writes
with time on his side–
every star a verse.

Some good enough…
others perfect.
It’s happening now.

All that hope on its way
to lift the unknown.

The Vacant Chair Waiting

There was always an empty place at my table,
mother’s secret occupying the difference

I chased my life
suspended somewhere

waitingfor a wasted father,
a hidden name—

listening—all my life.


Antoni Ooto is an internationally published poet and flash fiction writer. Well-known for his abstract expressionist art, Antoni now adds his voice to poetry. Reading and studying the works of many poets has opened another means of self-expression. His recent poems have been published in Amethyst Review, Green Ink Poetry, The Poet Magazine, Brown Bag Online, The Wild Word, and a number of journals and anthologies. He lives and works in upstate New York.


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