Shishir (Winter) 2020 Poems - Biswajit Ganguly



By Biswajit Ganguly

(After my death)
When I faced You,
You, the master of puzzles & games,
Gave me another puzzle.
Three opaque glasses, inverted,
Contained one gold coin in
One of them.
Finding the coin in the first attempt
Was my chance
To win a ticket to paradise.
I asked You,
'What is my chance of winning?'
You grinned and said, 'Zero.'
'Then why are we playing?'
'Because, I love fun.'
So, I had no choice but to tell you,
'Please make a fun of yourself
And spare me. I'd love to stay in hell
Because in hell, there is still fun but
There is no God!'



Biswajit Ganguly is a Bengali author of the science fiction novel B-3456, humour novellas Chhataman and Kyablapur. His poems, short stories have been published in Bengali and English magazines and anthologies. He is working on a collection of horror stories.


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