Shishir (Winter) 2020 Poems - Judy DeCroce


My Talisman

By Judy DeCroce

just across the bed bars
right next to me—
Louise, right here,
in the children’s ward,


she didn’t understand tests either,
taking blood, taking urine,
always taking something from us


but she knew Nancy Drew,
magic tricks, and board games,
we’d scooch our beds close


more time
too much time
alone time
quiet time


little girls—
we had time,
till we didn’t


A Cup of Words

two truths carefully balanced
approaching a quiet meeting


arranging patterns, a mime of thoughts


settling like an airship
tethering over that place


where it takes time
takes losing oneself


to separate from those inner voices:


that “no you can’t,”
that fearful child inside


as timid words advance,
slowly, the pen begins to move


Judy DeCroce from USA is an internationally published poet, flash fiction writer, educator, and avid reader whose recent works have been published by Brown Bag Online, North of Oxford, The Poet Magazine, Amethyst Review, The Wild Word, OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, and a number of journals and anthologies. As a professional storyteller and teacher of that genre, she also offers, workshops in flash fiction. Judy lives and works in upstate New York.


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