Shishir (Winter) 2020 Poems - Kwaghkule Aondonengen Jacob



By Kwaghkule Aondonengen Jacob

I sincerely swear
Before Agbera
& my own Chi
That before Eke,
The next market day,
I shall see sunlight
Beaming from the bowels
Of a protracting universe.


& if my eyes fail,
Let my soul lose its sight
And never live to tell a tale
Of an unfortunate oath.


Kwaghkule, Aondonengen Jacob is an awarded Nigerian Poet. He is popularly known by his pen name "Mr Kvip". His poems appeared or forthcoming at, Praxis Magazine, The Best of Africa Magazine, Poemify Magazine, Indian Periodical,, Sub-Saharan Magazine, and many anthologies. Currently, Kwaghkule Aondonengen Jacob is a penultimate student of English and Literary Studies at Federal University, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria.


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