On August 2018, we launched the Varsha (Monsoon) 2018 Theme Water Anthology, a collection of short stories, wth water as the Theme. Five writers, came together to write seven stories. The stories are from different genres such as political satire, comedy, horror, tragedy, suspense, murder, and historical fiction.

The Water Anthology is available as a free download at Kindle Unlimited. . Do grab your copy now..

Some of the writers and their stories are: Scam Dam, Shashi Kadapa; Her Fearless Protector Pune Diaries, Cashmere JL; Remains of the Sea, Savita Narayan; Redemption, Chaitali Gawade; A Squirt of Luck, Cashmere JL, and Death on the Beach, Sayli Shiralkar.

Watch out this space !!

Some of our writers!

  • We occassionally invite writers to send their musings and thoughts on the writing process. Do send in your work, and we will host it here.