Blog on Healing Energy by Cashmere JL Editor

Cashmere JL is a Reiki Grandmaster and a Tarot Card Reader.


22 May, 2018, Just for Today I Will Be True to Myself

As a society today, we are as fake as we can get. Plastered smiles when greeting people you do not like, is not considered fake, but good social etiquette. Your parents encourage you to put on an act while meeting elders who they may think little of....

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14 May 2018, Just for Today I am Willing to Celebrate Instead of Criticize

How many times have you been scolded as a child, for not doing something that your parent desired? If you had a normal childhood, it’s likely that you have experienced your fair share of criticism from parents, teachers, and other adults in authority around you. This set you up for being critical of yourself. Everything that you wanted to do or say, had to go through an internal filter in your mind....

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