Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems - Palash Mahmud



As breezes flowing low

By Palash Mahmud

I sailin’ back through the same passage
I standin’ up under the old bridges.


What you know?


Those chantin’ branches of dead trees
Whispered your fadin’ name on edges

As breezes flowin’ low.


Those lost stingin’ summer days
Those gone sneezin’ winter nights.
Those fallin’ leaves turn’d ashes
Those floatin’ clouds turn’d leashes.


What a crime not to remind your name!
What a shame not to recite your rhyme!
Your name merged in my shades-


Never mind.


Your face unseen through my senses


Never mind.


As I went the passage you came so.


How I know?


We will not see either ever-
When everything is feelin’
Who cares the not-seein’?



Palash Mahmud has completed his BA and MA in Philosophy from Dhaka University. He is studying for an MA in Literature in English and Cultural Studies.


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