Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Adeyeye_Oluwatobi



Shedding the skin of silence

By Adeyeye_Oluwatobi


In-between the bed, pillow and the ceiling, a boy is roaming in still quietude,

tears drops on the bed sheet-- this is what silence does to a broken heart;


In the absence of people
there's a crowd at the back of your head--
a sea of faces eating your legs in motion


A goodbye is learning to stand in your thought, but you'd love to give it a try still
You smell kindness from nature

But war is evitable


You garner the voices of birds in your heart muster troupes of Melodies
But none has sent light into the dark sky


Every time you cry a bit of you escapes into the wind
Every time you lament happiness escapes through your yawns


Every trip you take into a new day requires a new skin, the body of yesterday carries a huge weight of scars



Adeyeye James Oluwatobi is an Electrical /Electronics Engineer and a poet. He explores the intersection between human conditions and faith in his works. He was listed among the top 100 poets for the 2019 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize. His works have featured in many anthologies and journals.


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