Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Akin-Ademola_Emmanuel



Resurrection from Bones and awaiting Threnodies

By Akin-Ademola_Emmanuel

I have just one poem--
Tossed up in the sky, loosening by bits as
Open tassels.


I have just one poem,
For my forgone spirit & an awaiting body
Ripped by the scalpel bits by bits.


I have just poem,
Have I forgotten that all that feeds on my
Soul is a dichotomous agony of my birth cry?


I have a blank sheet
An open door, shedding both steam and
Cold, light & darkness on my eyes.


I have just one word--
Happy is he that heals from bruises,
The vultures will starve & die of my blood
Tonight & forever.


Akin-Ademola Emmanuel is a Nigeria-born writer and student activist. His works have appeared in PAROUSIA magazine, communicators league, and elsewhere. He bears an atrium of words to purge souls of mediocrity and conceptual malaise.


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