Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Anjani George



A New Life

By Anjani George

And we huddled in our homes, No complaints, thankful to just be safe
And we prayed as never before, for our world and those around us


And we forgot all those differences, in union against the common enemy
And we cheered those frontline warriors, waging this war, wishing we could help


And we felt sad and shed tears , At tales of those who succumbed
And we worked without setting foot out; Did we think it could ever happen?


And we learnt new life skills that we thought we wouldn’t need
And we rested at home too, together under the same roof


And we played all those games; we’d missed over the years
And we cooked and baked, those recipes, mouth watering


And we cleaned and dusted, those nooks that never mattered
And we watched all those movies that made us laugh and cry


And we read all those books, Piled on the shelves, unread for years
And we listened to good music, that we never had the time for


And we danced to our heart’s might, swaying to those fun rhythms
And we had time to hold each other, to nurture and to care without hurry


And we found time to seek and meet, though virtual, it brought great joy
And now refreshed anew, we are braver, stronger and more bonded


And this also we will overcome
This virus that dares cross our path……



Anjani George is a Civil Engineer with an MBA in HR, based in Kerala, and works as a DGM for a reputed Civil Construction Firm. She likes to be known as a “Slice of Life” writer and has written a few short stories and poems, of which a few have won prizes and some have been published.


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