Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Anushree Bose



Becoming Beast

By Anushree Bose

I was hurt and blistering
so I went ahead
and killed a stupid cockroach.
It was scurrying around
rather annoyingly.
Amateur, I stomped on it a few times,
unsure how hard to stomp.
It fluttered, it squirmed,
and then stilled without a sound.


Jutted chin, cracked lips,
dim-blue vision, a pounding head
and salt-crusted eyelids.
I see this stranger gawking back at me
with grim satisfaction
through the foggy bathroom mirror.
A thought runs down my spine,
gives me chills; how guilt is a response,
but violence is an instinct.

When we become the beast,
the fight within is ceased.
When we do not give a thought
to our own suffering,
pain of others’ start to feel like
a trivial thing. And
the choice of who to be is
conveniently blurred,
when a man is tired and hurt.




Anushree Bose is a clinical researcher with PhD degree in Psychiatry. Penning her sensitivity is her way of unwinding after work. Her poem - 'The Praying Spatula' has been published in the poetry anthology titled 'Songs of Peace: World’s Biggest Anthology of Contemporary Poetry 2020' by The League of Poets. Some of her writings have featured at Berlin ArtParasite, Spark India, ActiveMuse,The Elephant Journal, and The Wagon Magazine.


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