Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Giti Tyagi



Speech is Power

By Giti Tyagi

Beware O Man, of thy own speech,
A double edged sword that’s what it is;
Snapping ripping the love, the warmth,
Slashing slitting the human soul!


Potential abound possessed by words,
Spoken unspoken mighty strong;
A righteous pious expression of love,
A forceful vigorous revelation of resentment!


Sharp bitter opinions verbalized,
Amicable tender impressions voiced;
Contemptuous scoff or piercing satire,
Compassion care love spread around!


The Universe resonates the words thus spoken,
Utter each word with a cautious mind,
Let not thy words corrode thy own self,
Speech is power, misuse it not!



Giti Tyagi is an editor, creative artist, poet, short story writer and Book Reviewer from Karnal, India. A Senior Lecturer and an Educational Consultant, Giti Tyagi’s stories, articles and poetry have been published in reputed magazines, journals, ebooks- Devour: Art And Lit Canada, Beyond Corona: The Silver Lining, Parousia Magazine, Muse India, Call Beyond. Her much appreciated poems and stories have been winning hearts of the readers of all age groups. She has won several poetry and creative story writing competitions and is an extremely popular story writer for reputed children magazines. Giti Tyagi was honoured in 2019 for her contributions in the literary world.


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