Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Leena Auckel




By Leena Auckel


It was yet another day
Tossing my bag in the car and driving away
Dodging through the busy streets
Amidst the tyre screeches.


We thought Corona was at bay,
But still the virus crept its way,
Leaving us short of breath
Torturing some to death.


We were all let down
When came the lockdown.
Panic, fear and desperation
Exacerbated by the sequestration.


Hearts filled with dread,
Not knowing what lay ahead.
Health worker went to heal
Mask on,with the same zeal.


Busy streets now deserted
All forms of traffics now busted.
At junctions, instead of horns blaring
Cheerful chirps of bird are airing


Humans are healing from their bruised ego
Shut in their houses with nowhere to go.
The atmosphere is eerily calm
As if Nature is applying its own balm.


Leena Auckel from Mauritius works as lecturer in the Medical University. Her works are published by ActiveMuse and other publications. Her current project is to bring together the paintbrush and pen to promote mental and physical health.


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