Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Saurabh Dubey


First Monsoon

By Sandeep Kumar Mishra


The Masked Warriors

By Saurabh Dubey

When this invisible virus had engulfed the whole world and brought all of us on our knees, our brave warriors behind the masks rose to the challenge to battle this stubborn disease.

Many of them we knew before and many we had willingly ignored in the past, but our moment of reckoning made us realize their worth, as the world shrunk and froze when the virus laden die was cast.

Doctors, Nurses, Police personnel, Sanitation workers, even common men with uncommon courage to name a few, they stood steadfast in their resolve to save and serve the stricken even at times without the resources that they were due.

So, let us give them our unconditional support without fail, because only our resolute efforts will help us all prevail. For we have been humbled by this vicious virus and when only its haunting memory will remain, may we never forget the lessons it taught us, mourn our losses, and rise from the ashes like the fabled Phoenix again




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