Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Seadeta Osmani


Back to myself

By Seadeta Osmani


“Madam, you do not suffer from
any of those aches I can cure
and which you came to see me for.


To put it simply -
you suffer from a
heartache and a soul-quake
and I have no pills for that,
no magic potions,
no soothing lotions,
and no recipes or healthy diets
could make you feel better.


But I'll give you this prescription:
go home, and take your coat and shoes off,
go home, and have a good cry,
go home, hug a hope and dig out a dream,
go home, and tell the ones you love
that you love them,
and go home, to yourself, then,”
said this man in a white coat,
his voice echoing deadly serious
and I realized he was
talking about something
I used to joke about so easily
for decades of my life.


Seadeta Osmani - Poet, Translator, Creative writer, Dancer Living and working in Zagreb, Croatia, writing poetry in both Croatian and English. One book of poetry self-published. Individual poems published in several collections of poetry in Croatia. In 2018, included in the top 40 poets of the Balkans region, within the Mili Dueli poetry contest based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Poetry included in the poetry reading projects “Rijeci iznad svega” (Words Above All) in Zadar, Croatia and published in the respective poetry collection. Poetry also included in the reading project "Summer Birds" in Kostanj, Croatia. In 2018 a part of the team of writers for the Cultura Colectiva media company. Poetry published by Ariel Chart.


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