Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Sreeja Harikrishnan



By Sreeja Harikrishnan


Confusion is a web of sticky thoughts
where I am confined, a house fly, and
it surrounds perceptions with so many strands
where I branch out to meet ME; anguish.


I rain, I fall as a million drops, and
somewhere in a puddle, a river or an ocean
I may reflect what is ME; mirage.


Here, in and as a cluster, inside the web,
I learned, we exist in the chaos inside a big silence;
I coil inside the cluster, birds are singing,
people are talking, vehicles moving; a world in motion;
from ME to the Universe and from there to ME,
an invisible journey of waves and hues; constant.


I heal, healing is knowing, accepting, mending
and then letting go like a bird, to another branch
to seek, slowly untangling the many knots of karma;
the journey from the web of confusion to the self.


Here, keeping the thoughts uncluttered,
I become a religious librarian.



Sreeja Harikrishnan from India is a home maker, and loves poetry and painting. She posts her paintings and poetry on her FB page---words&colours. She was published in ‘The dVerse Anthology’, ‘Chiaroscuro-dVerse Anthology’, ‘Nain Rouge-First Issue’, ‘WrimoIndia Anthology-Vengeance’, ‘Monthlyanthologies-Petrichore’, ‘ActiveMuse-Winter Issue’. One of her artwork was recently been awarded by Dushyant Art Gallery’s International special award.


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