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Circularity is the idea that the perfect form exists as an entity in the mind and that you recognize it from the imperfect form and associate it with this perfect form. Here we can see this notion in play as we inspect this object. Within it we can see a picture of a flower in a vase and a plant in a cup with a horn attached, we know this relates to reality because we have seen or have an idea of something like it. We can imagine its perfect form. The abstract next to it however is not something we can connect to reality. Yet if we look closer we can see it correlates to the semiotics of its adjacent. So by deductive consideration we can say it represents the same sign. The three abstract works define this concept


Silas Rallings. Abstract

That of a piece of glass or plant, which may indicate the picture itself creates a sense of reality, in that it is the idea we have in our mind abstracted. But it is not circular it is complete in imperfection of which it is made.



Silas Rallings. Abstract 2

The question is however where does the idea sit and from what matter is it built? For the most obvious material, paint and canvas, does not envision such a system, the intelligence does, not the mind for we see more, perhaps now, than that what is presented as an image.



Silas Rallings. Abstract Plant Matter

Therefore it is not impossible to consider that the idea sits immaterially constructed as a product of our understanding. As it is a constructed concept and a thought abstracted..




Silas Rallings is a Belfast, UK based artist. He has a keen interest in spiritual realisation and an inquiring mind however can understand the limitations of his medium. However being recently published in LAVA’s Find and as a student of art and language, he finds contemplation useful and hopes others do to.


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