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Sreeja Harikrishnan. The Art of Healing

There is this invisible presence of singularity, an energy beyond comprehension, of which we are part like the weft and wrap of the same fabric. We exist as a firm physical body enwrapping a much volatile mind and soul. Often they don't exist in the same realm of consciousness. Healing starts with binding the rigid and the volatile in an impalpable rhythm of bliss even when they exist in parallel worlds.




Sreeja Harikrishnan from India is a home maker, and loves poetry and painting. She posts her paintings and poetry on her FB page---words&colours. She was published in ‘The dVerse Anthology’, ‘Chiaroscuro-dVerse Anthology’, ‘Nain Rouge-First Issue’, ‘WrimoIndia Anthology-Vengeance’, ‘Monthlyanthologies-Petrichore’, ‘ActiveMuse-Winter Issue’. One of her artwork was recently been awarded by Dushyant Art Gallery’s International special award.


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