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9. अज्ञातय Agyataya (Suspense), 2019, Special Issue, Short Story Collection .

Short stories that make up the अज्ञातय Agyataya (Suspense), 2019, Special Issue are now Live! Authors, their nationality, and their works are listed. Click the links to enjoy their works. Thanks to Fiction Editor Savita Narayan and Shashi Kadapa, the Managing Editor who edited and curated the collection.


Rekha Valliappan, USA - Murder at Malabar Hill Renée Henning, USA - The Double Murder Amirah Wassif, Egypt - The creepy dance of red curly hair!
Carl Palmer, USA - Roses are Red, Snow is White Silas Rallings, UK - Devils in the Detail Lyons McBean, USA - Kingdom Come
Bob McNeil, USA - A Virtual Study of Real Psychosis Aaishah Mayet, South Africa - Inhaling Mosquitoes Adrija Chatterjee, India - The Portrait
Priyanka Mathur, India - A King whose Life was in a Parrot Tanmaya Tapaswini Murmu, India - Tunia-Bonga: A Folk Story from the Santal World of Odisha Monisha Gowri Raman, India - The Appalling Woes of the Paddy Keepers




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