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24. Open 2021, Poetry Collection

Poems that make up the Open 2021 collection are listed below. Authors, their nationality, and their works are listed. Click the links to enjoy their works. Thanks to our Poetry Editor Chaitali Gawade who edited and curated the collection.


Holly Day, USA - Anwen Andrew Hanson, USA - Slug Vinita Tripathi, India - Let there be Dark!
Steve Lang, El Salvador - Orchid John Grey, Australia - Pine Barrens On Cape Cod Pat Connors, Canada - Moments in Time
Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad, Australia - Leaving Thomas Davison, US - Sandglass Helga Gruendler-Schierloh, USA - Two poems
Sally Connors, USA - The Bee Obinna Chilekezi, Nigeria - Chance Todd Jackson, USA - We Who Steer the Weather of the World
William Conelly, UK - 2 poems Simra Sadaf,India - Kite and Manjha DS Maolalai, Ireland - Somewhere, a code
Kanupriya Rathore, India - Summer Caroline Reddy, US - A Sacred Dance Antoni Ooto, US - Two Poems
M. F. Nagel, Alaska - The merwoman and the lighthouse Mike Dailey, US - A Well Balanced Beer Ramesh Dohan, Canada - Postcards from the Heart
Audrey Lewis, US - The Box    


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