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30 September, 2018

The Shishir (Winter) 2018 call closed today. We have recieved a large number of short stories, and poetry. Frankly, We are amazed at the talent that unknown, emerging writers have. Some published writers, some award winning in various fields have sent their works. We thank them for their work, and trusting us to do a fair selection process.

Some of the writers are from places that were just names in occassional news items, obscure, and tiny wonderful places that shed warmth. So, we had stories from Venezuela, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, US, and of course India. These stories will make us realise our goals and objectives of achieving diversity. We thank the writers for the work. It will take us some time to review the works, and some more time to make the final list, so please hang-on.

What next? Well, we have open 'no-fee' calls for submission on any theme and subject. Do check the details in the Submit page. The selections will be published as and when recieved, and after going through the editorial process. Do write with your heart and soul. Your work should be definitive, speak of events, emotions, which stuns and moves the readers.

Can you do this? I think you can!
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